The nineteen members of this year’s class
and the courses they pursued are as follows:

Academic course:
Beecher, Harold M.
Kibler, Gordon Graves
Mundion, Lillian Catherine
Mundion, Bertha M.
O’Keefe, Leo F.
Reynolds, Edna H.
Ross, Marion Loraine
Shelp, Harold J.
Smith, Stanley
Smith, Margaret
Webb, Doris A.

Normal course:
Coon, Myra Olevis
Morse, Althea Loraine
Wheeler, Doris

Science course:
Morrissey, Jeremiah
Raymond, Clarence S.
Wells, Florence Minnie

Arts course:
Crowley, Helen Mildred
Paine, Ardis Lucelle

The officers of the class were:
President, Harold J. Shelp
Secretary, Lucelle Paine
Treasurer, Myra O. Coon
Class advisor, Miss Grace Rugg

Taken from the Medina Tribune dated Thursday, 28 June 1917

Submitted by: Mary Stack, January 2008

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