DISTRICT 10 - 1904 - 1905

Daisy B. Browne, Teacher

H. B. Parmelee, Trustee
Frank Holister, Clerk
William Burton, Collector

Names found on roster:

Daum, Walter
Kast, John
Kast, Fred
Kast, Milton
Howe, Russell
Plyski, Mike
Tripp, Ernest
Towers, Aldred
Towers, Allen
Romanowski, Frank
Smith, Walter
Smith, Alonzo
Williams, Floyd

Second Column:

Daum, Ethel
Daum, Ella
Daum, Gertrude
Howe, Ruth
Harling, Sarah
Harling, Marion
Harling, Agnes
Harling, Edith
Smith, Grace
Smith, Sophia
Williams, Myrtle
Williams, Esther
Woodum, Ethel
Williams, Louis

Everywhere the heart awake
Finds what pleasure it can make,
Everywhere the light and shade
By the gazer's eye is made.
In ourselves the sunshine dwells,
In ourselves the music swells,
By ourselves are fed
With sweet or bitter daily bread.

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