JOSEPH ELSOM. As a patriotic citizen, an ex-soldier, and an extensive land owner and grain buyer of Spink county, the gentleman whose name heads this article needs little introduction to the citizens of South Dakota. He took up his residence among them when life in the new country was anything but comfortable, and throughout his career has shown to those among whom he has made his home a spirit of loyalty to every just cause, and has assisted as much as lay in his power in making of that region a district of pleasant surroundings and sound financial status. As a soldier none who risked their life blood for their country's cause did so with more loyalty than he and his service is one of which any soldier may feel justly proud. Bravery, faithfulness, and honesty have been the dominant traits of character of this gentleman, and his home is one of comfort and pleasant surroundings. His home estate is on section 17 in Northville township.


Mr. Elsom was born in Louth, England, December 13, 1841. His father was by trade a shoemaker and followed this until 1853, when he emigrated to St. Andrews, New Brunswick, where he remained for one winter, and he and our subject worked on the railroad. In the spring following they came to Orleans county, New York, and rented a farm on shares, the father remaining there until his death in 1856. Our subject worked near his old home until 1858 when he went to the lumber region of Canada. He returned to Orleans county, in 1860, and the following year, October 15, 1861, enlisted in Company F, Eighth New York Volunteer Cavalry. He was ordered immediately to the front and from Washington to Shenandoah. He saw the battle flag unfurled on fifty hard fought fields, including Winchester, Harper's Ferry Antietam, Barbour's Cross 'Roads, Chancellorsville, Beverly Ford, Gettysburg, Brandy Station, Culpeper Court House, Wilderness, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. He stayed until December 8, 1864, and was then discharged at Rochester, New York.


Returning to his home in Orleans county, New York, he purchased a small  farm, which he worked until the spring of 1881, when he went to Dakota  and filed a soldier's declaratory for himself and his mother, comprising the north half of the north half of section 17, in  Northville township, Spink county. His family joined in the new home in  October of that year. The first year he broke about twenty acres and  sowed it to sod corn and oats. He in partnership with his two youngest sons has a farm of one thousand acres under control and has about sixhundred acres of crop annually, and about four hundred acres of pasture. He winters from forty to forty-five head of cattle and fifteen horses, and keeps about eighteen hogs. He is an extensive grain buyer, engaging in this business from his residence in Dakota to the present time. He was snow bound in his office near town in the blizzard of 1 888, and his lunch consisted of cracked and boiled wheat.


Our subject was married August 26, 1860, to Miss Jane Harmer, of Orleans county, New York, who had emigrated from England several years previous. Nine children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Elsom, as follows: Nancy Ann, died in 1864; Emma Jane, died in 1865; Thomas Henry, superintendent of Inland Telephone and Telegraph Company of Spokane Falls, Washington; Annie Laurie, now Mrs. Kingsley, living nine miles north of the old homestead; Charles W., proprietor of a fruit store in Northville; Everett John, on the home farm; Wilson J., also at home; Mary Elizabeth; and Eliza Jane, who died when an infant. The last two named were twins. Mr. Elsom is a prominent resident of Spink county, and in the county seat war was a strong advocate of Redfield. Since the Fremont campaign he has been a Republican, and during that time was one of the "black abolitionists" and still believes in "old glory" "floating forever where necessity of war has sent it." He favors high license on the liquor question, and opposes equal suffrage. He is an attendant at all county conventions and many of the state conventions and is an ardent worker for the principles of his party. A portrait of Mr. Elsom is presented on another page.



From the Records in

St. Leonards Church - South Cockerington, England


1.     William Elsom

 b. 1742 S. Cockerington, England 

m. Rabecca [Skipton] b. 1750 S. Cockerington, England.

                             m. 12 MAY 1768  Alvingham, Lincoln, England

William died 1829.

A Son:

+2.    Thomas    b. 1792/3, S. Cockerington, Lincolnshire England.



2.     Thomas Elsom

           Born:           1792/3          Place:      S. Cockerington, , Lincolnshire, England

           Died:          Feb 1873               Place:         S. Cockerington, , Lincolnshire, England

           Buried:      22 Feb 1873 Place:         S. Cockerington, , Lincolnshire, England

                  m. Ann ------------ - Born:         1796  Place:         , , , England

                   Died:           Apr 1868               S. Cockerington, , Lincolnshire, England

                   Buried:       9 Apr 1868   S. Cockerington, , Lincolnshire, England


                   Children of Thomas and Ann Elsom

                   +3.     Wilson         b. 12 January 1816 S. Cockerington, Lincolnshire, England

                   Christened:  13 Jan 1816           S. C. Barre, Orleans, New York

                    4.      Mary Ellen   b. 9 Jun 1818          N. Cockerington, Lincolnshire, England

                     5.      Grace          b. 18 Sep 1825       N. Cockerington, Lincolnshire, England

                    6.      Charles        b. 21 Dec 1828       N. Cockerington, Lincolnshire, England

                    7.      Jane            b. 24 Apr 1832        Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England


3.      Wilson Elsom,

b. January 12, 1816, S. Coockrington, Lincolshire, England. m. 1837, Rebecca Forman, b. March 7, 1817, Ludbore, Lincolnshire, England. They migrated to New Brunswick, Canada, in 1852 and to Orleans County New York, in 1853. Wilson died, February 13, 1856, after suffering a fall, in the town of Barre. He is buried in Mathes Cemetery, East Barre, Orleans County, New York.

Thomas who lived at home, took charge after his fathers death. Working out by the day or month, and by his earning purchased flour, grain-goods and groceries. Thomas also purchased for $75.00, a half acre of land with a small log house on it and gave it to his mother.

On Feb. 4 1861, Rebecca Elsom, age 42, married 2nd; Charles Laiton/Leighton, age 35, of London Twp. Canada West. Soon after the said marriage, Rebecca sold her little log home that had been purchased and paid for in part by her from son Thomas, and they moved to a place near St. Johns, in Canada West. Soon the money gained from the sale of her home was depleted and her husband, Charles Laiton was suspected of being a bigamist. He had a wife and three children that were still in England and he was suspected of having another in Toronto, Canada West. Alarmed by this discovery, Charles Laiton deserted Rebecca, about the 10th or 15th day of October, 1861/62. He left for parts un-known and was never heard from again.

At this time Rebecca did not have good health and she was unable to return to Barre, Orleans Co., New York, and went about 15 miles distant from St. Johns, and lived with her daughter, remaining with her until the spring of 1864, at which time, at the bidding of her son Thomas, she returned to Barre, Orleans Co. New York. Soon after her return Thomas returned from the war very sick. He died at home with his mother April 11, 1865.

In 1881, Rebecca removed with her son Joseph to Dakota Territory, and took up a quarter section of land about two miles south of Northville.

Rebecca "Grandma" Elsom died August 27, 1906 at 2:30 a.m. She had been getting more feeble for the last year, and about three months prior to her death she became utterly helpless. She went into a coma and remained so for 36 hours, and it seemed like a peaceful sleep except for her labored breathing. Her daughter, Mrs. Fannie Foreman, and her son Joseph were at her side when the end came at 89 years, 5 months, and 19 days. Rebecca was buried at Northville Cemetery, South Dakota.


 Thirteen children were born in all,  however

only four were *surviving at the time of her death.


            Children of Wilson and Rebecca (Forman) Elsom:

        +8.          I.      Joseph*                 b. December 13, 1840

          9.         II.      Thomas                 b. April 7, 1843 - England; not married - d. April 11, 1865, due to wounds received in Civil War. served in, Co. F. 8th New York Vol. Cav.

      +10.        III.      Fannie (Francis)* b. 1845 - England  m. Thomas Foreman / Elma, WA 1906

        11.       IV.      Anna                                                         b. 1848 - England

      +12.        V.      Henry                                                       b. 1849 - England

        13.       VI.      Charlotte                b. 1852 - England      not in 1855 census

      +14.      VII.      Lydia*                                                       b. 1853 - England                    m. Andrew McMaster - lived at Holly,NY, 1906

        15.      IIX.      Rebecca                b. 1857? - England

      +16.       IX.      Samuel C.*            b. Dec. 22,1861 - Langdon, Canada; London Co. d. 1926 in the Philippines.


1855 Census - Barre, Orleans County, NY

ELSOM, WILSON      45        M                     ENGLAND        D2- 29

            REBECCA      38        WIFE               ENGLAND

            ANNA              6          DAU                ENGLAND

            LYDIA             2          DAU                ENGLAND


HOOD, CYRUS         65 M               CONN             FARMER  D2- 26

  POLLY                      59 WIFE         MASS

  ASENETH    21 DAU          ORLEANS

ELSOM, JOSEPH      14        LABORER                  ENGLAND


TILDEN, HARMON    30 M                            ORLEANS    FARMER  D2- 28

  MARY                       25 WIFE                      ORLEANS

  LAURA                      6 MO. DAU     ORLEANS




 1875 Census - Barre, Orleans County, NY


  SAMUEL         13 SON   ORLEANS


 1875 Census - Albion, Orleans County, NY

ELSOM, HENRY        26 M                ENGLAND      BAKER                       b.1849

  MARY                       22 WIFE          ONONDAGA

  HARRY                     1 SON             ORLEANS

BAKER, LUCY                       11 SIS/LAW    ONONDAGA




Following From the Redfield Journal; Thursday, May 13, 1926~  Northville, South Dakota






8. Joseph Elsom

Born in South Lincolnshire, England, on December 13, 1840, the son of Wilson and Rebecca (Forman) Elsom, who brought their family to America in 1852. They located in New Brunswick one winter, then went to New York State, where the father died two years later, due to a fall, in the town of Barre. Joseph Elsom was thirteen years old, the oldest boy of eight children at his fathers death.

He was married to Miss Jane Harmer, born in 1841, Norfolk, England, coming to America in 1853. They were married in Kendell, New York. on August 26, 1860.

Joseph Elsom enlisted in the Union Army, on October 13, 1861, in Company F, 8th New York Calvary, and served in the Army of the Potomac.

Mr. Elsom was with his command when it cut its way out from Harper's Ferry, and thereafter was an active participant in the battles of Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Second battle of Bull Run, Antietam, and Beverly Ford, where his commander, Colonel B. F. Davis was killed. He continued as a member of the Army of the Potomac and in active service for three years and two months, making a record as a faithful and valiant soldier and taking part in forty-nine of the fifty-four engagements in which his regiment was in action, receiving his honorable discharge on December 8, 1864.

He returned to New York State, Orleans Co. P.O. Carlton, & Ridgeway; where he remained until 1880 when he brought his family to the territory, now state of South Dakota, taking up a Homestead two miles south of Northville, where he resided until 1904, when he moved to his home in town.

Mr. Elsom was one of the progressive and highly honored business men and popular citizens of this county with whose annuals his name has been linked for the past forty-five years. He was our first postmaster, as well as the first clerk of Gair school township, and took the first school census. He was a member of the state legislature one term. He was a progressive farmer and grain dealer, and he has always been active in community affairs holding many positions of trust, always with credit to himself and his community; a man of sterling qualities and rugged honesty. During his active life he has handled thousands of dollars of public and other moneys without loss and was always exact in rendering of his accounts and stewardship. He was a man of strong convictions and nothing could severe him from what he thought was right. He was a true patriot and no one ever doubted his love for his country and his country's flag.

To Mr. and Mrs. Elsom were born nine children; six of whom survived their father:

Thomas H. of Spokane, Washington; Annie L. Kingsley, Mansfield, S.D.; Charles W., of Tacoma, Washington; Everett J., Wilson J., and Mary E. LeMay of Northville, South Dakota.

Jos. Elsom, who had been sick for some time, passed away at Northville, S.D. 7:00 Tuesday, morning May 4, 1926.  To morn his loss is his beloved wife, one sister, six children, twenty-seven grandchildren, and seventeen great grand children.<>

            Jane Harmer was born in Norfolk, England, on December 1, 1841, Co., New York. On August 20, 1860, she married Joseph Elsom. In 1880 they moved to Dakota Territory and homesteaded two miles south of Northville, Spink Co. They lived there until in 1904 when they moved to town. Jane d. July 15, 1932, ae, 91 years, 7 months, and 14 days.


1855 Census - Barre, Orleans County, NY

HARMER, WILLIAM    40 M              ENGLAND    FARMER  D2-161

  ELIZA                        38 WIFE          ENGLAND

  JANE                        13 DAU           ENGLAND

  S. M.   [Charlotte ]       4 DAU           ENGLAND

  E.     [Eliza A. ]            1 DAU           ORLEANS


HIBBARD, ERASTUS 23 M              ORLEANS    FARMER  D3-161

  ARMENIA                 23 WIFE          OTSEGO




Town of Ridgeway


          William                  52      M                England       Farmer   118-D1

          Eliza                      47      Wife #2        England                  

          William                  28      Son             England       Farmer         

          Charlotte               14      Daughter     England                  

          Eliza A.                 11      Daughter     Orleans       NY      

          Mary A.                 8       Daughter     Orleans       NY      



          Joseph        24      M       England       Farmer        70-D1

          Jane            23                Wife            England                  

          Emma J.      2y 11m        Daughter     Orleans NY


1880 Census - District 1 And 3, Ridgeway, Orleans, New York

 Joseph ELSOM          Self     M          Male     W        39        ENG Farmer ENG ENG 

 Jane ELSOM                         Wife    M          Female W       38        ENG Keeping House ENG ENG 

 Thomas H. ELSOM    Son     S           Male     W        14        NY    Works On Farm ENG ENG 

 Annie L. ELSOM         Dau    S           Female W       12        NY   At School ENG ENG 

 Charles W. ELSOM    Son     S           Male     W        10        NY   At School ENG ENG 

 Everett J. ELSOM      Son     S           Male     W          8        NY   ENG ENG 

 Wilson J. ELSOM       Son     S           Male     W          4        NY   ENG 


History of Spink Co., South Dakota

JOSEPH ELSOM, one of the representative business men and land owners of Spink county, is a native of England, having been born in Lincohlshire, on the 13th of December, 1840, and being a son of Wilson Elsom, who came with his family to America in 1853, passing the first winter in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, and then locating-in the state of New York, where his death occurred two years later. The subject of this sketch was the second eldest of the eight children and was but thirteen years of age at the time of his father's death, so that he was thus early thrown to a large degree upon his own resources, also contributing to the support of the other members of the family. He had attended the schools of his native county in England, and also continued his studies when opportunity presented after coming to America. He was engaged in various occupations in the state of New York until the outbreak of the war of the Rebellion, when he gave significant evidence of his loyalty to the land of his adoption by enlisting, on the 13th of October, 1861, as a private in Company F, Eighth New York Volunteer Cavalry, which was commanded by Colonel Crooks and assigned to the Army of the Potomac. The subject was with his command when it cut its way out from Harper's Ferry, and thereafter was an active participant in the battles of Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, second battle of Bull Run, Antietam and Beverly Ford, where Colonel B. F. Davis, commander, was killed. Mr. Elsom continued as a member of the Army of the Potomac and in active service for three years and four months, making a record as a faithful and valiant soldier and taking part in forty-nine of the fifty- four engagements in which his regiment was in action. He received his honorable discharge on the 15th of December, 1864. His brother, Thomas, was a member of the same regiment, and was wounded in the engagement at Berksdale Junction, Virginia, in the Wilson raid, his death resulting from his injury some time later while on furlough.


After the close of his military career Mr. Elsom returned to the state of New York, where he remained until 1880, when he came to the present state of South Dakota and located on a tract of government land two miles south of Northville, Spink county, where he engaged in farming and also in the buying and shipping of grain, with which lines of industrial enterprise he has ever since been identified. To his original claim he has added until he now has a finely improved farm of eight hundred acres, his youngest son having the general management of the place, while the subject devoted the major portion of his, attention to his grain business, until January 1, 1904. He is one of the progressive and highly honored business men and popular citizens of the county with whose annals his name has been linked for nearly a quarter of a century. He is a stalwart Republican in politics, and has served with ability and discrimination in the various township offices, while fraternally he is affiliated with the Grand Army of the Republic and the Ancient Order of United Workmen.


In August, 1860, Mr. Elsom was married to Miss Jane Harmer, who was born in Norfolk, England, and of their children we enter the following brief record: Nancy N. is deceased; Emma Jane, deceased; Thomas H. is superintendent of construction for the Inland Telephone and Telegraph Company, with headquarters in the beautiful city of Spokane, Washington; Annie Laurie is the wife of Francis Kingsley, of Mansfield, Brown county, SD; Charles W. is engaged in business in Northville; Evert J. is residing in New York state; Wilson J. has charge of the old homestead, and Eliza J., deceased, and Mary E., twins, the latter the wife of John H. LeMay, editor of the Northville Journal.


Nine children were born, six of whom were living in 1932

                        Children of Joseph and Jane (Harmer) Elsom

                        17.       I.          Nancy J.        b. April 11, 1861       d. October 8, 1864

                        *buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, near Medina, New York

                        18.       II.         Emma Jane  b. July, 15, 1862 - d. August 23, 1865*

                        19.       III.        Thomas H.    b. August 11, 1865 Carlton, New York

                                    m. Ellen Mary Pratt, October 17, 1891; d. December 15, 1953

                                    Lived in Spokane, Washington 1932

                        20.       IV.       Annie Laurie b. January 5, 1867, Carlton New York.

                                    m. Frank Richard Kingsley, November 28, 1889

                                    Lived at Northville S.D., 1932. d. August 30, 1959

                        21.       V.        Charles William       b. August 20, 1869, Ridgeway, New York.

                                    m. Martha Frances Arns, b. Carlton New York.? 1877; in1893

                                    lived in Tacoma, Wash; d. January 21, 1947

                                    Issue before 1900 - Perle Jane Elsom, b. Nov. 7, 1893, Spink co., SD

                                    listed in 1905 census of Spink Co., as Merchant

                                    P.O. Northville. 1 child, male: L. H. - b. 1898 Kansas

                        22.       VI.       Everett John b. February 1, 1872, Ridgeway, New York - m. Alice --------- 1947

                        +23.    VII.      Wilson J.       b. Nov. 22,1875,  Ridgeway, New York

Twins   b. Northville, South Dakota

                        24.       IIX.      Elizabeth J.               b. January 22, 1884 d. February 22, 1884

                        25.       IX.       Mary Elizabeth         b. January 22, 1884             m. John LeMay,

Lived at New Underwood, SD, 1932



 10.   Francis Elsom,

 b. 1845 - England  m. Thomas Foreman / living in Elma, WA in 1906

       1880 Census - Burlington, Lapeer, Michigan

            Thomas FOREMAN               Self       M         Male     W        38        ENG Farmer ENG ENG 

            Francis FOREMAN                Wife      M         Female W       35        ENG Keeping House ENG ENG 

 26.      Richard W. FOREMAN          Son       S          Male    W        15        NY Working On Farm ENG ENG 

 27.      George K. FOREMAN           Son       S          Male     W        13        NY Working On Farm ENG ENG 

 28.      Maggie FOREMAN                Dau      S          Female W       10        MI ENG ENG 

 29.      Thomas FOREMAN               Son       S          Male     W          6        MI ENG ENG 

 30.      Rhody M. FOREMAN            Dau      S          Female W         3        MI ENG ENG 

 31.      Martha FOREMAN                 Dau      S          Female W       3M      MI ENG ENG 



12. Henry Elsom,

b. 1849 - England - m. Mary Baker


 1875 Census - Albion, Orleans County, NY

            ELSOM, HENRY        26 M                ENGLAND                  BAKER                       b.1849

                         MARY                        22 WIFE          ONONDAGA

 32.      HARRY                       1 SON             ORLEANS

            BAKER, LUCY                       11 SIS/LAW    ONONDAGA



14. Lydia Elsom,

b. 1853 - England    -  m. Andrew McMaster - lived at Holly, New York  1906

1880 Census - Albion, Orleans, New York

 Andrew MCMASTER             Self      M         Male     W        37        CAN Farm Laborer IRE IRE 

 Lidie MCMASTER                 Wife     M         Female W       27        ENG Keeping House ENG ENG 

 33.      Ester MCMASTER      Dau     S          Female W       6          NY CAN ENG 

 34.      Wilson MCMASTER    Son      S         Male    W       2          NY CAN ENG 



16.    Samuel C. Elsom,

b. 1861 Langdon, Canada West; London County - m. Amelina Grimm. Retired from Medical Corp as sergeant, June 12, 1908. Samual was stationed in the Philippines and upon retirement, there was a great need there for doctors and those familiar with medical aid; He decided to stay in the Philippines and took a wife; Agatona Amasola. Samuel died in 1926, and is buried in Municipal Cemetery, Batangas, Philippine Islands.           


Amalina was born in Orleans Co.? in 1862, dau. of Christian and Katherine Grimm, b. Germany.  Amalina  married secondly; George Stafford, b. 1851 Palmyra, New York. d. in 1940; buried at Boxwood Cemetery, Medina, New York.

 1880 Census  Albion, Orleans, New York

 Samuel ELSOM        Self                    M      Male          W      18     CAN Farm Laborer ENG ENG 

 Amelia ELSOM          Wife           M      Female     W      17     NY    Keeping House GER GER 

 Christie GRIMM         BroL          S       Male          W      7       NY GER GER 

 1880 Census  Barre, Orleans, New York

 Christain GRIMM      Self                    M      Male          W      52     GER Laborer GER GER 

 Katherine GRIMM    Wife           M      Female     W      43     GER Keeping House GER GER 

 Louise GRIMM           Dau           S       Female     W      18     GER At Home GER GER 

 Mary GRIMM             Dau           S       Female     W      17     NY    At Home GER GER 

 Charles GRIMM         Son           S       Male          W      10     NY    At School GER GER 

 William GRIMM         Son           S       Male          W      9       NY GER GER 

 Christain GRIMM      Son           S       Male          W      6       NY GER GER 

 Minnie GRIMM          Dau           S       Female     W      3       NY GER GER 


                        Children of Samual and Amalina (Grimm) Elsom

                        +35.    I.          William Henry           b. Jan. 12,1881         d. Oct. 25, 1968

                        +36.    II.         Edward                      b. Aug. 9, 1883         d. April 20, 1969


                        Children of George and Amalina Stafford

                                    I.          Lillian             b. 1888                       m. Douglas Jackson           d. 1948

                                    II.         Kadie              b. 1896, Oct. 12        m. Norman Bacon               d. Aug. 1970

                                    III.        Florance        b. 1900, June            m. Leo Oderkirk        d. 7-2-1976

                                    IV.       Charles          b. 1904, March 3      (m. Helen Hagerman b. 7-5-190?)

                                                                        d. August 18, 1977



Next Generation


23. Wilson J. Elsom, 

b. November 22,1875, in Ridgeway, New York. d. Saturday the 19th day of May 1957, at the age of 81 years. He was buried at the Mellette, Catholic Church Cemetery, Northville, South Dakota. He was a farmer, in Northville and had lived there for 74 years, having come to Dakota Territory, with his parents at the age of seven.

Wilson married first; [1st. cousin] Dec. 19, 1899, Nancy Elizabeth Croach, born Ridgeway, Orleans co., New York, June, 1879, the daughter of William Croach, born 1853, Prussia/Germany, and Mary Ann Harmer, b. 1857, New York. Mary Ann was the daughter of William Harmer, b. England, 1813 and Eliza --------, b. England, 1817. Mary Ann was Wilsonís Aunt, his mother Jane Harmer Elsomís sister. {may have been a half-sister)


 Nancy Elizabeth died at childbirth, March 1, 1908. and in 1909, Wilson secondly married, Margaret -----------, ( b. in Wisconsin, came to S.D. in 1907.) Her father was born in Ireland, and her mother, Canada.




1880 Census - correct spelling is Croach

District 1 And 3, Ridgeway, Orleans, New York

 William HARMER   Self      M         Male   W         67        ENG Farmer                       ENG   ENG 

 Eliza HARMER       Wife     M         Female W      63        ENG  Keeping House        ENG    ENG 

 William COACH      Son [inlaw] M Male  W        27        PRU Works On Farm         PRU   PRU 

 Mary COACH            Dau   M          Female W      23        NY      At Home                   ENG   ENG 

 Nancy COACH        GDau S           Female W      1M       NY                                         PRU  NY 

 Cora HARMER        GDau S           Female W      8          NY                                         ENG  ENG 

born after 1880 census } ARTHUR W. CROACH - b. 9/16/1885 - d. 2/7/1962 - MEDINA, NY  


                                    Children of Wilson and Nancy (Croach) Elsom

                                    +37.    I.          Inez Mary       b. July 21, 1900        m. Pat O'Brian

                                    38.       II.         William J.       b. 1903

                                    +39.    III.        Onalee E.*     b. April 1, 1904         m. Paul E. Hauck in 1924.

                                    *Ethie (Etha?) is listed as her name in 1905 census of S.D.

                                    40.       IV.       Josephine C.            b. 1907 -  m.  Vern Clemets lived in Northville, S.D.

1.) Mary Ann b.         m. Larry Heidt           229-0453

            address:         923 N. Washington St.

                        Aberdeen, SD 57401-2447

                                    41.       V.        Wilson A.       b. Sept. 25,1 907      d. Oct. 7 1907

                                    42.       VI.       Leonard E.    b. (March 1?) 1908; lived at Anoka, Minnesota

                                    Only child of Wilson and Margaret Elsom

                                    43.       VII.      Katherine J.  b. 1914           m. George Patten - lived in Northville



35.       William Henry Elsom,

 b. January 12, 1881 - m. November 7, 1904 Elizabeth Bessie Chugg, b. 1-14-1881; d. 3-16-1915. William m. 2nd., Jan. 10, 1917,  Nettie (Walsh) Sanborn, who had three daughters; Eva, Dorothy and Alice. One daughter was born to William and Nettie. William died October 25, 1968. Both buried at Boxwood Cemetery, Orleans Co. New York.

BESSIE E. ELSOM (1881 - 18 Mar 1915)

Newspaper: The Medina Tribune; Thurs., 25 Mar 1915

Mrs. William ELSOM died suddenly on Thursday last of blood poisoning at the age of thirty four years. The funeral services Sunday afternoon were largely attended by the relatives and friends of the deceased and there were many beautiful floral offerings, bespeaking the esteem with which she was held. Rev. Frank J. Milman, of the Presbyterian church, officiated, and interment was in Boxwood Cemetery. Besides her husband, deceased is survived by three small children, two sons and one daughter.


                                    Children of William and Elizabeth Elsom

                                    44.       I.          Gladys May   b. June 7, 1906        m. Oct. 12, 1925; Earl Sinclair

                                    +45.    II.         George W.     b. March 23, 1908    m. July 15, 1936; Lois Smith

                                    +46.    III.        Harold            b. October 20, 1913  m. June 1, 1938; Ona Clark

                                    Children of William and Nettie Elsom

                                    47.       IV.       Ruth               b. May 4, 1918          m. June 22, 1939 Victor Page

                                                b. Dec. 7, 1913         d. 3-10-1971

buried at Millville Cemetery, Orleans Co. New York.   



36.                   Edward Elsom,      

b. August 9, 1883,    m. November 25, 1907, Rose Schening, b. June 7, 1876; d. Feb. 10, 1961. Edward died April 20, 1969.


                                    Children of Edward and Rose Elsom

                               48.                          I.                                 Edina                b. November 1, 1909  m. July 12, 1933 Alton Boyle

                              49.                          II.                                Howard            b. September 25, 1911           m. Nov. 21, 1940 Virgina (WASIERSKI ) Frost



Next Generation


23.       Inez Mary Elsom,   

b. 1901 m. Pat O'Brian, lived at; 2634 Nob Hill, Ave N. Seattle, Washington, 98109


                                    Only child of Patrick and Inez O'Brian

                                    50.       I.          Patrick O'brian Jr.



25.       Onalee E. Elsom,   

b. April 1,1904 , Northville S.D. raised on the family farm, south of Northville. m. Paul E. Hauck in 1924.

Following from Jasmann family Chart*; 3rd. Generation:


*Paul Edward Hauck.          

b. Aug 7, 1897; Scotland S.D., to Michial and Pauline (Jasmann) Hauck; moved with the family to St. Cloud, Minn. in 1908. Grew up around the train yard where his half brother Chris worked and had his coal business. at a early age he fell in love with the trains.

When he was older he, and his brothers, would ride the trains both east and west. He would go as far as Chicago, get some work and then come back to St. Cloud. His faviorite ride was going back to S.D. where there was alwas some farm needing a extra hand. When the farmers wern't working in the fields they were building something. This is where he learned the skills to be a carpenter. He was able to build anything from a barn, Chicken house or just a hay-rack for a wagon. He was also very good at writing letters. Many of his co-workers couldn't write or read, so he would read their mail to them, as well as write their letters to send back home, or to a special young lady, for them.

 Farming was to become his life work, all-though he was a first-class carpenter, he spent most of his life working dairy farms. He loved to travel the country, perhaps would have liked to be a train engineer. He met his wife while working on the farm of her father, Wilson J. Elsom in Spink Co. P.O. Northville, S.D. Her name was Onalee Elsom, b. April 1, 1904. They were married in Northville in 1924.

They spent the early years of their marrage in S.D. and moved to Moose Lake, Minnesota in 1934 to work on WPA project. In 1946 moved to Rochester area near Elgin. Moved out west to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in 1949, then, in 1951 back east, first to Sauk, and Richland County, Wisconsin, then in 1956 to Winona, Minn. A year later to Wabasha Co., near Millville, 10 miles from Elgin, Minnesota.

Paul, who suffered from sugar dibetice passed away in 1965, while on a trip (by himself) to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri.

Onalee, passed away April 12, 1984, at age 80 years, at Minneapolis. Both are buried in St. Clement's Church Cemetery; Hammond, Minnesota.


                                    Children of Paul and Onalee Hauck

                                    51.       I.          Nadine                       b. July 28,1925 Aberdeen S.D.

                                                m. Walter J. Buszta; b. June 27,1921; Minneapolis

 1 child, Paula died age 21.


                                    52.       II.         Edward (Ed) b. Nov. 4, 1926, St. Cloud, Sterns Co. Minnesota

                                                            Farms in Utica, Minnesota, m. Theresa Gribnau

1. Ugeanie    2. David3. Richard        4. Diana (d.)    5. Mike / Andrew

6. Susan           7. Carol          8. Janet            9. Danial       


                                    53.       III.        Alvin (Al)        b. Sept. 9, 1928, Sauk Center, Minnesota

 no children


                                    54.       IV.       Patrick (Pat) b. Feb. 17, 1930, Aberdeen S.D.   m. Gwen Rude

  3 children     1.Jerry (d)    2. Coleen 3. Ronald


31.       George William Elsom,

b. March 23, 1908; m. Lois Smith, July 15, 1936; Lois was born January 28, 1914. One daughter:

                                    Children of George W. and Lois Elsom

                                    55.       I.          Carol Ann      b. Aug. 23, 1941       m. Sept. 8, 1962 to John Faw

                                                          Two daughters;          

                                                            41A.     I. Susan Valarie           b. July 23, 1964

                                                            41B.     II. Sharon Louise         b. Dec. 21, 1966


32.       Harold Edward Elsom,     

b. October 20, 1913;  m. Ona Clark, June 1, 1938; Ona was born August 7, 1915. Two children:

Children of Harold E. and Ona Elsom

                                    56.       I.          Gary                b. November 12, 1941, m. Linda Scott b. Oct. 18, 1941                                                                        Lives in Rochester, New York.

                                                            Three Children:

                                                            42A.     I.          Sandra Lee     b. 5-30-66

                                                            42B.     II.         Shery Lee       b. 9-21-68

                                                            42C.    III.        David Gary     b. 6-30-70


                                    57.       II.         Karan b. February 20, 1944, m. Lee Gonzales April 26, 1980

                                                            Living in Santa Monica, California.



33.       Ruth Elsom,

b. May 4, 1918          m. June 22, 1939     Victor Page b. Dec. 7, 1913 d. 3-10-1971 buried at Millville Cemetery, Orleans Co. New York. Three children:

Children of Victor and Ruth Page

                                    58.       I.          Patricia b. June 9, 1942 - m. 11-17-1962, Richard Doud, b. 3-24-1944.                                            Children:

                                                44A.     I.          Kevin               b. 4-9-1963

                                                            44B.     II.         Stephen           b. 10-13, 1964

                                                            44C.    III.        Joanne                        b. 1-18-1968


                                    59.       II.         Marsha           b. February 22, 1946 m. July 31, 1965 to Roberts Winters                                                       b. Jan. 5, 1945. Children:

                                                       45A.     I.          Lee      b. April 18, 1969

                                                            45B.     II.         Lynn    b. August 29, 1972


                                    60.       III.        Denny Michael         b. August 6, 1953 m. Kathy Evans, b. Dec. 10,                                                              1954, on May 11, 1974.      Children:

                                                46A.     I.          Patti     b. Aug. 15, 1975

                                                            46B.     II.         Jeff      b. Oct. 28, 1977


End of Chart 7/20/04






Jerry L. Sanner



Indiana - Floyd co.

July 28,

1524 E. Oak St. New Albany Indiana a dau. b. to Charles Elsom

Eugenia L. Elsom

Eujenia K. m. Charles Elsom Dec. 1, 1907 Floyd co.,

Charles Elsom d. Jan. 31, 1923, Floyd co., Indiana