Orleans County Cemetery Photos

What Is Not Here
Alternate Cemetery Names
What Is Here


These pages present photographs of some of the cemeteries in Orleans County. Not all cemeteries are accessable to the public for various reasons. Some cemeteries no longer exist. Some cemeteries are on private property.

The purpose is to show the appearance of the cemeteries. Almost all of the cemeteries are in beautiful condition. If a person desires to visit a grave, it is hoped that these pages can aid in that decision.

I have tried to show in the photographs:

  • the appearance of the cemetery as you would encounter it,
  • anything special about the cemetery,
  • and its inherent beauty.

    I am not trying to show:

  • individual monuments,
  • every area of the cemetery,
  • or anything detracting.

    The white boxes at the top of most of the pages are the latitude and longitude of the cemetery. They are in degrees, minutes, and seconds. The numbers under those two lines are to aid in finding the cemetery on USGS maps. The latitude and longitude coordinates were taken on August 11-12, 2001. They should be accurate to 30 feet.

    The photographs were taken during the summer of 2001. The weather was beautiful. I hope that you enjoy the photos as much as I did making them.

    Thanks, Stu VanOrden

    all photographs © Copyright 2001 Stu VanOrden. If you would like a larger copy, please write.
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    What Is Not Here

    Bailey no longer exists, relocated to Mt. Albion Cemetery
    Billings Farm on private property
    Cole Hill on private property
    County Home Burial Ground only accessible through private property
    Fuller aka Old Carlton only accessible through private property
    Greenman on private property
    Hunt Farm aka Hedges on private property
    Johnson Farm aka Oaks on private property
    Jones Farm (Williams) on private property
    Lattin Farm no longer exists, relocated to Mt. Albion Cemetery
    Long Farm on private property
    Rackham aka Wright Farm on private property
    Simpson Farm on private property
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    Alternate Cemetery Names

    Cook see Root
    Dow see East Shelby
    Five Corners see Union
    Grinnell see East Shelby
    Harding see Union
    Hatch see Clark
    Hedges aka Hunt Farm on private property
    Howell see Rorick Farm
    Johnson Farm aka Oaks on private property
    Kenyonville Road see Eagle Harbor
      also, see Kenyonville
    Letts see Hellert Farm
    Locust Hill see Polly
    Long Bridge see Gregory
    Love see East Barre
    Mt. Hope see North Shelby
    Oaks aka Johnson Farm on private property
    Old Carlton aka Fuller on private property
    Pendry see Union
    Pioneer see Pierce-Smith Pioneer
    Two Bridges see Brown
    Williams aka Jones Farm on private property
    Wright Farm aka Rackham on private property
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    What Is Here

    Annis Rich's Corners Road, south of Route 31
    Barre Center Route 98, south of Barre Center
    Bates Road Bates Road & Route 104
    Beecher Marshall Road, between Lake Shore Road & Lake Ontario
    Beechwood West Kendall Road, north of West Kendall
    Boxwood Route 63, north of Medina
    Brown aka Two Bridges near The Bridges
    Carlton Waterport Road, near Kendrick Road
    Clark aka Hatch Route 104, near Hurd Road
    Daniels Route 63, north of Route 104
    Eagle Harbor aka Kenyonville Road Kenyonville Road, near Eagle Harbor-Knowlesville Road
    East Barre aka Love Mathes Road, near Thorpe Road
    East Shelby aka Dow or Grinnell Trench Road
    Fletcher Chapel Fletcher Chapel Road
    Freeman Freeman Road
    Gaines Route 104, east of Route 279
    Glidden Glidden Road
    Green Farm Route 31A, between Mix & Eagle Harbor Roads
    Greenwood Route 18, near Route 237
    Gregory aka Long Bridge West County House & Long Bridge Roads
    Hagerman Farm (Potter) Route 31A, between Millville & Medina
    Hellert Farm (Letts) Hellert Road
    Hillside Route 237, south of Holley
    Holy Cross Route 237, south of Holley
    Hulberton Hulberton Road in Hulberton
    Kent Ford Street in Kent
    Kenyonville Oak Orchard River Road, west of Kenyonville Road
    Knowlesville hamlet of Knowlesville
    Lynhaven Route 63 in Lyndonville
    Maple Ridge Route 31, west of Culvert Road
    Maplewood Route 237, south of Clarendon
    Millville East Shelby Road, south of Millville
    Morton West of Morton
    Mt. Albion Route 31, east of Albion
    Mt. Pleasant Salt Works Road, north of West Shelby
    Myrtle Hill Route 31A, east of Eagle Harbor Road
    North Ridgeway Mill Road, near County Line Road
    North Shelby aka Mt. Hope Shelby Basin Road, near Route 31A
    Otter Creek aka Anderson Route 104, east of Allen Bridge Road
    Pettingill aka Manning or Christian Hubbard Road, near Route 31A
    Pierce-Smith Pioneer Hulberton Road, between Holley & Power Line Roads
    Pine Hill Maple Street & Mix Road
    Polly aka Locust Hill Brockport & County Line Roads
    Robinson Route 237 & Glidden Road
    Root aka Cook Munger Road, west of Merrill Road
    Rorick Farm (Howell) Route 104, at Oak Orchard
    Sacred Heart Route 63, north of Medina
    Sandy Creek aka Murray Route 104, between Creek & Center Roads
    Shelby Center Alabama Road
    Snyder aka Burmah or Maple Street Maple Street, near Johnny Cake Lane
    Sprague Telegraph & Groth Roads
    St. Joseph's (New) Route 31, east of Albion
    St. Joseph's (Old) Brown Street Road, south of Bacon Road
    St. Mary's Route 63, north of Medina
    Standish Transit Church & Lattin Roads
    Stanley between Knowlesville & Ridge Roads
    Swart-Culver Fletcher Chapel Road
    Tanner of Albion Route 31, east of Albion
    Tanner of Ridgeway Telegraph Road, near Route 31
    Transit Transit & East. Transit Church Roads
    Union aka Harding or Five Corners Route 98, near Five Corners
    Union aka Pendry County House Road, between Eagle Harbor & Gaines Basin Roads
    Waterport Eagle Harbor Road
    West Barre West Barre Road
    West Gaines Route 104, east of Kenyonville Road
    West Ridgeway Route 104, west of Ridgeway
    West Shelby West Shelby Road
    Yates Center in Yates Center
    The Cobblestone Society 'cemetery' in Childs
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