List of Subscribers of the Bell Telephone Co.'s Exchange, Medina, NY
Published in the Medina Tribune newspaper dated Thurs., 16 April 1903

Compiled by: Mary Hibbard Stack


F (con't.)
O (con't.)
95 G. M. FRARY, Manager. 25 Fire Headquarters, Bus. 4 d O'Grady, W. P., Res.
    2014 Filkins & Coe, Bus. 15 d O'Malley, Thos. Mrs., Res.
    105 a Fuller, Henry W. Res. 105 o O'Donnell, Wm., Res.
  PAY STATIONS. 2224 Fassett, Chas. A. Bus. 2291 O' Malley, Thos., Bus.
39 G. M. Frary. 2013 Fisher, George Bus.   Olmstead, H. S., Shelby Mills.
36 Hart House. 102 d Fisher, Fannie E. Res. 17 a Oliver, Minnie Res.
90 Emerson House. 98 o Fox & Wilson, Res. 137 d O'Brien, Edward Res.
106 Clark Hotel. 111 i Fisher, Geo. Res.  
    2223 Filkins, S. E. Res. 2242 Postal Tel. Cable Co.,
    96 m Flattery, Lena Res. 24 Police Headquarters
94 i Fosbinder, Augusta Res. 107 d Parker, John V., Res.
2212 m American Express Co., Bus.  
113 d Post & Mead, Bus.
8 d Agnew, Dr. Res. 20 a Garbarino, Joseph Res. 81 a Pixley, Io., Res.
3 d Allis Clark, Res. 2062 Goodsell, W. E., M. D., Res. 28 d Pitts, E. L. Mrs., Res.
98 i Allis Jay, Res. 133 m Geballe, I. H. Res. 2072 Parish & Stratton, Bus.
84 Alert Hose Co. 93 m Gorman, Chas. A. Res. 119 m Plummer, Samuel J., Res.
2071 Acer Whedon, Bus. 2084 Graves, C. E. Bus. 3 a Perry, Fred F., Res.
29 m Acer Ella W Res. 123 d Grinnell, L. W. Mrs. Res. 111 d Phillips, A. G., Res.
130 m Austin, Frank Res. 101 i Grinnell, W. A. Res. 134 d Poler, E. J., Res.
2083 Austin & Dye, Bus. 94 q Gladwin, Wm. Res. 92 o Parker, Myron L.,
85 d Acer, V. A. Res. 134 a Grinnell, Major Res. 2192 Popple, Ella M. Miss, Res.
87 m Armstrong, Prof. Res. 17 m Garvey, Jas Res. 128 m Polster, Chas., Res.
81 m Acer, D. A. Res. 6 d Gilroy, Miss L., Bus. 2342 Pomeroy, A. J., Res.
2280 a Allen, Richard Res.  
129 i Page, C. E., Res.
121 a Arnold, Peter Res. 115 a Hanlon Bros. Bus.  
117 i Allen, Chas. Res. 2321 Hurd, Frank H. Res. 114 m Quinn, Frank, Res.
26 d Hanlon, Jas. E. Res.  
6 m Brown, Isaac, 2142 Hood, C. N. Res. 2312 Reynolds, Francis F. Bus.
38 i Bowen, Bertha A. Res. 102 m Holdredge, D. D. Res. 2194 Robbins, W. B.,
13 d Bowen, S. C. Res. 2173 Hart, H. LeB Bus. 5 a Rogan, Geo. F. M. D.,
88 d Barry, W. F. Res. 2112 Heintz Co. Bus. 85 i Randolph, Mary W., Res.
88 a Barry, Watson F. Bus. 98q House; S. T. Res. 2193 Robbins, H. W., Res.
88 i Barry, W. F. barn. 98 d Hegerman, A. Res. 97 d Ross, Sanderson A., Res.
35 d Bowen, M. A. Res. 111 m Holmes, C. W. Res. 37 a Rowley & Eddy, Bus.
13 a Bowen, S. C. Bus. 3 i Harrold, Arthur Res. 91 a Reynolds, W. B., Res.
20 d Beach, Mrs. Geo. A. Res. 105 d Hutchinson, J. B. Res. 132 i Roache, Kate Miss, Res.
2322 Breed, Carl H. Res. 2322 Hill, E. I. Bus. 124 a Ryan Skinner Bus.
2131 Bignall Co., Bus. 36 Hart House, Bus. 124 i Ryan, John J., Res.
116 m Broughton, Albert Res. 2113 Holdredge, Wm. Mrs. 37 d Rowley, S. G., Res.
2264 Bogue, Dewane Res. 15 m Hulburt, F. W., Res. 2191 Robbins, T. B., Res.
35 i Bowman, E. A. Res. 108 m Harding, H. J., Res. 2171 Rogers, P. Bus.
28 i Bowen, W. A. Res. 38 d Howard, Frank, Res. 2144 Reynolds, Ward, Res.
91 d Bowen, Geo. A. Res. 2151 Hopkins, H. N., Res. 2092 Richards, A. J., Bus.
85 a Buck, D. A. A. Res. 118 a Howell, Claud B., Res. 108 a Ryan, M., Res.
2121 Bennett, W. L. Bus. 38 m Helenbolt, LeValley, Res. 6 d Rice, Samuel, Res.
2212 Babcock, W. & Son, Hotel. 2254 Horan, James, Res. 108 d Rands, Carrie Miss, Res.
93 d Bland, Jno. Mrs. Res. 121 a Hurd, C. F., Res. 101 m Reil, Joseph, Res.
98 m Bacon, T. A. Res.  
2301 Rowley, Harry E., Res.
98 Balch, Wm. Res. 2063 Ives Produce Co., Bus. 123 a Richards, Sarah Mrs., Res.
30 a Bentine, C. L. Res. 2153 Ives, L. J., Res. 122 o Reynolds, Ashley, Res.
34 Berkery, Rev. P. Res.  
118 m Ryan, P., Res.
2251 Baker, E. M. Mrs. Res. 81 d James, J. T. Dr., Park Ave., Res. 2174 Ryan, P., Bus.
110 i Butts, Orin F. Res. 27 m James, W. R., Res. 130 i Ross, J. C., Res.
96 a Bowen, H. Res.  
2114 Beyer, J. M. Res. 32 d Krompart, H. T., Bus. 2373 Simonds, E. B., County Judge.
2241 Brainard, S. Bakery. 85 m Kersburg, J. N., Res. 92 i Simonds, Mrs. E. B. Res.
2134 Borden, A. R. Mrs. Res. 33 d Kelley, J. S., Hotel. 121 i Simonds, Maybelle, Res.
118 d Brennan, Lawrence Res. 2274 King, F. H., Res. 102 a Skinner, M. J., Res.
129 m Burchell, Chas. Res. 104 Knights of Columbus. 116 i Swett, A. L., Res.
125 d Brainard, Seymour Res. 128 a Kiley, J. T. Res. 2353 Swett, Emily F. M. D., Res.
20 m Beach & Newell, Bus.  
116 a Swett, A. L. Iron Wks.
120 m Burke, Frank Mrs. Res. 117 a Luksch, Pius, Res. 116 d Swett, A. L. Elec. Lt. & Pr. Co.
137 i Brazzell, Wm. Res. 2091 Landauer Bros., Bus. 30 i Snyder, H. A. Mrs., Bus.
136 i Brooks, Joseph Res. 92 d Landauer R. Mrs., Res. 1 m Slack, M. & J. Bus.
135d Bush, Mrs. A., Res. 113 a L’Hommedieu, Irving, Res. 2132 Scott, F. W. M. D., Bus.
2372 L’ Hommedieu, Irving, Bus. 1 i Slack, Michael, Res.
10 a Cleary, D. J. Res. 2141 Luther, Homer .J., Res. 2011 Shelley, F. A., Bus.
119 o Caldwell, Grace L. Res. 106 i Latham, Rev. Mr., Res. 2034 Spooner & Gates, Bus.
9 a Cook, S. A. & Co. Office. 2172 LeVan Bros., Bus. 89 a Simonds, G. H., Dent.,
9 d Cook, S. A. & Co. Factory. 32 m Lester, Lizzie Mrs., Res. 93 i Stocking, W. B. Res.,
9 i Cook, S. A. & Co. Extract.. 119 a Loke, Minerva, Res. 97 d Stokes, J. T. M. D. Res.
9 o Cook, S.A. & Co. Shp'g room 126 a Livingston, Joseph, Res. 2021 Sherwood, L. M., Dist. att'y.
2182 Cook, S. A. & Co. Glenwood 128 i Laven, Edward, Res. 11 i Shelley; F. A., Res.
9m Cook, S. A. & Co. Extract Off. 122 d Lysett, Martin, Res. 131 m Sheppard, Kate Mrs., Res.
29d Cook, S. A. Res. 2341 Landauer, S., Res. 30 m Soucie, Arthur, Res.
19 a Card, Earl W. Res. 126 i Levingston, Thurston, Res. 2203 State Armory.
132 m Culver, W. J. Res. 101 a Lewis, Leslie S., Res. 2184 Scanlon, Martin, Res.
101 d Curry, W. R. Res.   LeVan, C. D., Res. 120 a Sutter, Martin, Res.
21 a Cooper Bros. Bus.  
13 m Sinclair, A. B., Res.
27 d Central Foundry Co. Bus. 35 a Medina Register, Bus. 17 i Swart, Jas., Res.
2022 Callaghan & Sutter, Bus. 10 d Mahar Bros., Bus. 2311 Star Steam Laundry, Bus.
2053 Conley, J. H. Bus. 19 i Medina National Bank, Bus. 122 a Snaith, Frank, Res.
29 a Childs, Henry A. Res. 2044 Munson, Edward Dr., Res. 122 m Sikes, Chas W., Res.
29 i Childs, M. W. Res. 8 i Miller & Gotts, Bus. 94 d Smith, Martin I., Res.
6 m Culver, W. C. Res. 107 a Mackey, Wm., Res. 124 d Skinner, LeRoy, Res.,
136 a Covert, Lee Res. 2101 Mahar Bros., Bus. 2181 Shanley, E. F. Res.
110 m Chapman, Jno. P. Res. 82 a Maynard Howard A., M.D.,Bus. 129 d Stafford, Lillian, Res.
96 d Coleman, Jas. Res. 28 a Merritt, Julia, Res.   Soules, W. M., Shelby
6 i Callaghan, G. S. Res. 87 a Medina High School. 137 m Stevens, Chas., Res.
2082 Culver, W. C. Bakery. 26 m Mileham, A. H., Res. 2143 Skene, Geo., Res.
13 i Cummings, J. A. Mrs. Res. 86 Masonic Temple 15 d Smith, William, Res.
8 a Chamberlain, A. B. Bus. 110 d Mahar, Francis, Res.  
110 o Colburn, F. E. Res. 4 i Maynard, H. A., Res. 105 i Timmerman, B. D. Res.
109 Clark's Hotel, Hotel. 7 a Medina Mf’g Co., Bus. 2271 Turner, C. H. M. D.
2222 Coe, Albert J. Res. 32 a Medina Steam Laundry, Bus. 2023 Tripp, E. W., Bus.
2221 Chase, Alice E. Res. 2081 Medina Tribune, Bus. 4 a Tripp, E. W., Res.
31 City Club 2152 Marvin, W. C., Res. 15 i Thayer, Hattie M., Res.
2122 Cullen, .Josephine Mrs. Res. 26 i McCormick, A. A. J., Res. 94 o Tinkham, G. L., Res.
117 d Cleary, Thos. Mrs. Res. 30 d Mallison, Frank W., Res. 2323 Thayer, H. A. M. D.
126 d Culver, Geo. Res. 28 m Murdock, C. S. Res. 87 i Townsend Chas.,
132 i Collins, Lizzie Res. 113 m McGurn, Mary, Res. 2723 Thoadorakos, Peter, Bus.
10 Culver, F. R. Res. 6 a Mead, Fred S., Res. 105 d Turner, Chas., Rev.
136 m Carpenter, Chas. H. Res. 21 d Mackey, Wm., Bus.  
135 a Cooper, Wm. Res. 107 m Murphy, W. B. Res. 14 Union Bank.
  Coon, B. S. Shelby. 2261 Medina Quarry Co., Bus. 2202 Union Mills.
118 i Clark, Dennis Res. 2102 Medina Union Mills, Bus.  
114 a Montondo, Frank, Res. 136 d Whittleton, Frank, Res.
133 a Downs, Fred L. Res. 94 m Mitchell, G. H. Res. 18 Western Union Tel. Co.
23 i Downs, Fred L. Bus. 2111 Medina Foundry Co., Bus. 130 d Waldo, D. D., Res.
37 o Drake, C. H. Res. 119 d Mead, C. E., Res. 130 a Walsh, Eugene, Res.
2831 Downs Hose Co.   McKernan Jno. 33 a Walsh, Eugene, Bus.
11 d Dockery, Lizzie, Mrs. Res. 37 i McCormick, Lucy, Res. 17 d Williams, J. E. Rev.
2133 Dawson, A., Res. 114 d Montonda, Frank D. Res. 1 a Whiting, C. H. M. D.
2183 Dingledine, F. W., Res. 120 i Murphy, Katie, Res. 2281 Whipple, W. H. Res.
108 i Downs, F. R. Res. 2362 Medina Daily Journal, Bus.   Weet, I. W. Shelby
  Doody, Minnie, Res. 2203 Medina Cushion Shoe Co., Bus. 93 a Walker, Geo. L., Res.
119 i Montgomery, Thos., Bus. 11 m Whedon, LeGrand, Res.
10 m Eddy, A. B. Res. 137 a Morgan, Daniel, Res. 102 i Weld, Jno. R., Res.
110 a Ellenwood, H. F. Res.  
93 o Whipple, F. G. Res.
  Eckerson, Dr. Shelby. 40 N. Y. C. & H. R.R.R., freight h   — Webb, S. C.
2163 Empire Couch Co. Bus. 2154 Newell, George A., Res. 2252 Whipple, F. H. Res.
19 d Eckert, M. A. Res. 117 m Nichols, H. Res. 98 a Whiittleton, Wm., Res.
2273 Eikoos, Neal K. Res.  
15 a Waldner, A. E., Res.
2061 Emerson House, Hotel. 2922 Olmstead & Blood, Bus. 128 d Whittleton, Gertrude, Res.
126 m O'reilly, B. Res. 122 i Williams, Geo. Res.
95 Frary, G. M. 2024 O’Grady Bros., Bus.  
38 a Frary, W. A. Res. 2054 O’Brien, W. I., Bus. 127 a Y. M. C. A.
3 m French, H. A. Res. 87 d Oak Orchard Street School.  
138 a Frary, Geo. M. Res. 125 a Olmstead, H. S. Res. 105 m Zimmerman, L. F., Res.
82 i Frary, F. J. Bus. 107 i Owens, Thos. L, Res.    
4 m Frary, Jas. M. Res. 111 a O'Brien, W. I., Res.