Orleans County Surnames Being Researched

Researching Orleans County Surnames

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The following is a list of people and the surnames they are researching in Orleans county.
To add your name to this list, send your name, email address and the surname/surnames you are researching to:
Jim Friday

Revised: November 1, 2023

Surname Researcher Posted
MABEE Ernest L. Snider June 2001
MABIE / MABEE Penny Steuber March 2001
MacCLEVERTY Hattie Dixon Updated: Jun 2011
MACIOSZEK Nick M. Gombash July 2004
MACK Patricia Dickinson February 2002
MACK / MIKLAYEWSKI Lisa Andrews February 2005
MADAMA / MADDAMMA Havona Madama November 2000
MAHER JoAnna B. McDaniel May 1998
MAHONEY Dennis Brydges September 2006
MAIN(E) Georgie Mitchell July 1998
MAJEWSKI Jim Friday November 2023
MALATT Bernard C. Alderson November 1997
MALATT (Canada) Richard Callard February 2002
MALLETT Tom Fulton November 1999
MANCHESTER Robin Neal Poppy January 2001
MANCHESTER Sue Schroeder Updated: December 2011
MANCINI Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
MANDELARO Amy Albers March 2003
MANDELARO Paul  Mandelaro October 2007
MANN Bob Miller Uodated: June 2010
MANN Paul Newell January 2000
MANN Jana Stanley December 2000
MANN Bob Hales Updated: November 2011
MANSFIELD Erin Peters February 1999
MANSFIELD Bari Behnken April 2008
MARBLE Gerry Getman February 2013
MARCHINOWSKI Sara Blaney February 1999
MARCINIAK Dodie Piersielak March 2006
MARCISZEWSKI John Noble May 1998
MARIS Jean Maris July 2002
MARQUIS Patricia Stirk Youngson July 1998
MARSHALL Anita Callahan July 1998
MARSHALL Sandra (Marshall) Bianchi August 1999
MARSHALL Jean Marshall May 2000
MARSHALL Diana Senyk January 2001
MARSHALL Sandra (Marshall) Bianchi April 2001
MARSHALL Richard Callard February 2002
MARSHAM K. Howard Gray Updated: February 2009
MARTIN Jody Garchow May 2001
MARTIN Scott Goetze March 2002
MASON Patricia Dickinson February 2002
MARTINEAU Michele Stevens May 2006
MASON David Wright September 2002
MASON Eileen Humphrey February 2003
MASON Gail Wright September 2005
MASSARO Sue Massaro May 2001
MATHEWS Denise Frederick December 1998
MATICE / MATTIS / MATTICE Rev. John F. Crossen August 2005
MATSON / MATTISON Ann Mattison March 1997
MATTISON Judy Wilming April 2000
MATTERN Helen Mattern April 2013
MAXWELL Marilyn Jewett Tracey May 2005
MAY Nancy Kimen April 2007
McALISTER Candace Carter-Green November 2001
McARDLE Patty Kenny April 2019
McARDLE Lisa Kenefick October 2010
McCABE Marlene McCabe Lacy July 2000
McCABE Marilyn Jewett Tracey December 2001
McCARGAR David F. McCargar August 2002
McCARGAR Nancy McHugh Draper April 2004
McCARROLL Patty Kenny April 2019
McCAULEY Kathleen Bailey February 2001
McCULLOUGH / McCULLOCH Scot Sabo August 2001
McCUNE Kathy March 2007
McDERMOTT Dennis Brydges September 2006
McDONALD Ruth George June 2005
McELROY Ann Plant July 1997
McEVOY Laura Gould June 2008
McFARLAND Lori O'Brien August 2004
McFARLAND Evelynn Cartwright September 2007
McGRATH Jane Coakley February 2001
McGUIRE Sarah Benjamin September 2005
McHUGH Nancy McHugh Draper April 2004
McINTOSH Lynda Galbiati February 2002
McKENNA Kathleen Bailey February 2001
McKINNEY Julie Dutton March 2000
McKINNY / McKENNA Norma West September 2001
McLOUTH Judy Wendt January 2000
McMAHON Tim McMahon October 1998
McMASTER Tilghman Gray July 2003
McMILLAN Teresa Steinkamp McMillin September 2002
McNIFF John Peterson December 2001
McOMBER Dan Hatch Updated: July 2014
MEAGHER Doug Murphy November 1997
MENSCH Roger Busch November 2000
MERRICK Tom Fulton March 2000
MERRICK Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
MERRILL Kate Harvey August 2002
MERRITT Gordon Merritt October 2005
MESLIN Sibylle Meslin January 2005
METZ Marylou Hudson Mirabito February 2000
MEYER Harold O. Jacobson September 2000
MIACO Ed Easlick September 2007
MICHAEL Jennifer Clark June 2001
MICHALAK Lisa Andrews February 2005
MILEHAM Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
MILES Dorann Truax August 2006
MILLER Dan Hatch Updated: July 2014
MILLER Greg Charache June 1999
MILLER Carolyn Rustay October 1999
MILLER Jo Ellen Brittain October 2000
MILLER Ross L Gardner April 2001
MILLER Sharon Burch June 2001
MILLER (TRIPP) Sharon Burch June 2007
MILLER (WINDEN) Sharon Burch June 2007
MILLER Marchia Santangelo January 2022
MILLER Kristi Campbell November 2001
MILLER Jim Miller December 2002
MILLER Rich Wood August 2003
MILLER Kathleen Lee Mendel August 2004
MILLER LeRoy Miller May 2005
MILLIKEN Elizabeth Hood Anderson June 2001
MILLS Helen S. Ullmann March 1997
MITCHELL Georgie Mitchell July 1998
MIX Lynda Galbiati February 2002
MIX Sarah Benjamin September 2005
MOE Lois Waldron June 2001
MOLTROP / MOULTRUP Steven Moultrup March 1999
MOLTRUP Bonnie Williams May 1997
MONACELLI Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
MONTAGLIANO (Rochester, NY) Richard Callard February 2002
MONTAGNA Carmelita DiNicola D'Amato December 2013
MONTGOMERY Paul Wilson June 1998
MONTGOMERY Eric Grinnell August 2004
MOORE Linda Schwind March 1999
MOORE Gloria Jackson February 2002
MOORE Joel D. Moore March 2006
MOORMAN / MORMAN Roy Thurston July 2004
MOREHOUSE Karen Mohr Updated: June 2010
MORRIS Carl J. Eastvold January 2012
MORRISON Carolyn Rustay October 1999
MORRISON Lynda Galbiati February 2002
MORRISON Lori O'Brien August 2004
MORRISSEY Sylvia Stevens November 2001
MORROW Norma Joy May 1999
MORROW Ann S. Morrow March 2011
MORSE Jennifer Miller August 2011
MORTON Brenda Jenkins July 1998
MORTON Jeff Crump April 2000
MOSHER Diana Jensen June 1999
MOUGHTIN / MORTON Pamela Moughton March 2008
MOWER / MOWERS Shane Mowers April 2000
MOWER George Mowers January 2015
MRUCZEK Arthur W. Mruczek Sr. MD September 1999
MUDGETT Ted Mudgett September 2004
MULLINER Bill Taylor March 1997
MUNDY Christine Stephens (Fisher) October 2008
MUNN Karen Mohr Updated: June 20107
MUNSON Bill Beedon April 2000
MUNZ Pat Misso June 2001
MURPHY Norma West September 2001
MYERS Sarah Benjamin September 2005
MYHILL Richard Myhill March 1998
MYHILL Joanne Hicks April 1998
MYHILL Carol Hannan March 2004
NASH John K. Nash July 2001
NAYLOR Bob Heist September 2001
NEAL Paul Benson March 1997
NEAL K. Howard Gray Updated: February 2009
NEBRICH Linda Nebrich Beilein December 1998
NELSON Norma Joy April 2000
NESBITT Diana Senyk January 2001
NEUMANN / NEUMAN Greg Charache June 1999
NEWMAN / NEUMANN Dwight J. Shauger March 2000
NEWMAN Neely Chatham September 2000
NEWMAN Carma Bull Stone December 2000
NEWTON Roger Roeseler February 1999
NEWTON Tom Fulton December 2003
NEWTON Lynn Hammond February 2004
NILES Dot Podurgal December 2000
NIPPER Lee Blount March 2003
NIXON Robert Nixon September 2003
NOBLE John Noble May 1998
NOBLE Richard Callard February 2002
NORTHOP / NORTHRUP / NORTHROPE Shelly Wilkinson November 2001
NORTON Margaret Nelson January 2000
NORTON Nancy J. Woodard March 2003
NUDD Rachael L. Spearance December 2005
NUGENT Bill Bodkin April 2005
O'BRIEN Lori O'Brien August 2004
O'BRIEN Tom Kriz October 2005
O'FARRELL Eric Grinnell August 2004
O'FARRELL Sally Coffey Baldwin March 2012
O'HARROW Kevin Ahern December 2001
O'HEARN Leigh A. Viertel October 2000
O'MARA Ruth George June 2005
OCCUMPAUGH / OCUMPAUGH Dee Dee Crego Payne March 2000
ODELL Georgie Mitchell January 2005
OGDEN Virginia Janda May 2002
OGILVIE Scott Goetze March 2002
O'HARROW Dorann Truax August 2006
O'HEARN Leigh A. O'Hearn Viertel Updated: March 2015
O'LAUGHLIN / O'LOUGHLIN Shelley Richards February 2001
OLENHOUSE Jo Ellen Brittain October 2000
OLMSTEAD Judith Johnson June 1999
OLMSTEAD / OLMSTED Walt & Mary Steesy May 2001
OLMSTEAD / OLMSTED Olav H. den Ouden November 2003
OLMSTEAD Rhonda Haffner June 2001
O'MALLEY Kate O'Neil February 2003
OMAN Rosemary Flamion May 2003
ONDERDONK Linda Hassell February 2001
ORSLAND Roy Thurston July 2004
OSBORN Nancy J. Woodard March 2003
OSTRANDER Joyce Zeigler November 1998
OSTRANDER Ken Kirby November 1998
OSTRANDER Teri White March 1999
OSTRANDER Roland Jones January 2002
OTTO Jana Stanley December 2000
OWENS Robert Oldfield Updated: April 2019
PADUANO Kyle B. Clark February 2010
PAGE Dick VanAuker December 2002
PAGET Patricia Stirk Youngson July 1998
PAGLIARA Carlene Pagliara April 1998
PAINE Jennifer Clark June 2001
PAINE Allan Campbell April 2002
PALLOTTI David R. Palotti January 2005
PALMER Dan Hatch Updated: July 2014
PALMER Eileen Kelly January 2000
PALMER K. Howard Gray Updated: February 2009
PALMER Beth Blote June 2001
PARKER Sue Schroeder February 2001
PARKER Penny Steuber March 2001
PARKER Jennifer Clark June 2001
PARKER Jim Preston August 2004
PARSONS Michele Stevens May 2006
PATT / PATTE / PATTEE Ruth George June 2005
PATCHEN L.D. Austin January 2000
PATRICK Karen Hengeveld September 2003
PATT Ruth Berends-George July 2001
PATTE Patricia Park April 2008
PAYNE Gordon Payne March 2002
PAYNE Melanie Vagnin September 2004
PAWETEK / PAUL Amy Friend November 2001
PEARSON Denise M. Hodge March 2000
PEARSON Leigh A. O'Hearn Viertel March 2015
PECK Cindy Crawford May 2005
PEEBLES Mark Peebles May 1999
PELLETT John Rogers April 1999
PENDER Kathy Pender Breuer November 2010
PEPLOE Vell Sweeney June 2004
PERRY Dan Hatch February 1999
PERRY Marilyn Lindemann November 2000
PETERS Glen Peters Wilson May 1999
PETERSON John Peterson December 2001
PETKUS Patricia Dickinson February 2002
PETRIE Tom Fulton March 2000
PETTIBONE Lee Blount March 2003
PETTIT Lisa Richardson June 1997
PETTIT Ed Dibble February 1999
PETTIT Sandy Brown March 2001
PETTIT Katherine Mitchell October 2002
PETTY Lee LaPaglia December 2001
PETTY Ed Winkley September 2002
PHELPS Glen Peters Wilson May 1999
PHELPS Tom Fulton November 1999
PHELPS Mary B. Zumchak December 1999
PHELPS Gary Breuilly October 2001
PHILLIPS Norma Blake Christie February 2004
PHILLIPSON John Rogers November 2000
PHILO Verla Hooker May 2004
PHIPPANY Beatrice Potter April 2002
PHIPPS Stephanie Walker March 1997
PIATEK / FRIDAY Jim Friday December 2022
PICKET Paul Wilson June 1998
PIEDIMONTE / PIEDMONTE Kyle B. Clark February 2010
PIERCE Shawn Pierce November 2001
PIERSON / PEARSON Brenda Pierson July 2003
PIKE Scot Sabo August 2001
PNKER Harry Bailey January 2003
PITCHER Glenda Potts Thacker April 1999
PITTSINGER Virginia Pittsinger Shafer April 2006
PLATTEN Doug Murphy November 1997
PLATTS Sharon Burch June 2001
PLUMLEY Bernard C. Alderson November 1997
PLUMMER Lisa Richardson June 1997
PLUMMER Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
PODGERS Edward L. Stone December 1999
PODGERS Debbie Howes December 2002
PODGERS Pamela Podgers Wilkins August 2008
PODGERS Susan Horton Roberts October 2009
PODGERS Helen Mattern April 2013
POGEL Mark R. Lort March 2000
POOL Margaret Nelson March 1997
POOL / POOLE Bernard C. Alderson November 1997
POOL / POOLE Margaret Nelson January 2000
POPPLE Dan Hatch Updated: July 2014
PORTER Darla Williams January 1999
PORTER Bonnie Downs March 2000
PORTER Dede Porter Meyer, September 2002
PORTEOUS Sharon Burch June 2001
POSSON Jon E Posson June 2010
POTTER Terri Potter June 2003
POWELL Sharon Garland April 2002
POWERS Bob Miller May 1997
POWLEY Bill Powley August 1997
PRATT Dolores Davidson May 1998
PRATT Carolyn Rustay October 1999
PRATT Leigh A. O'Hearn Viertel Updated: March 2015
PRATT Diana Pratt February 2001
PRATT Lynda Galbiati February 2002
PRATT Heather K. Snyder December 2011
PREST Wende Parker November 2001
PRESTON Jim Preston August 2004
PRESTON Sharon Grimm June 2006
PRIDDY Kenneth Priddy May 2002
PRITCHARD James Pritchard July 2005
PROCTOR Allan Campbell April 2002
PRYOR Jody Garchow May 2001
PURDY Karla Staudt May 1998
PURSE Denise Leishman June 1999
PUTNAM Nancy J. Woodard March 2003
QUARANTA Carmelita DiNicola D'Amato December 2013
QUIBLE K. Howard Gray February 2009
RADZIMSKI Len Rebis April 1998
RADZIMSKI / RADZINSKI Norma Blake Christie February 2004
RADZIMSKI / RADZINSKI Elizabeth Karpinski July 2004
RAHN Scott D. Benz April 2001
RAHN Jean Harms Updated: August 2008
RANDALL Tad Campbell March 1997
RANDOLPH Dorn Howlett Updated: January 2009
RANGER Jerry Ranger May 1999
RAY Sharon Spencer May 2005
RAYMER Kathleen Lee Mendel April 1998
RAYMOND Jo Ellen Brittain October 2000
RAYMOND Richard Callard February 2002
RAYMOND Bob Palone Jr. October 2003
RAYMOND Dorann Truax August 2006
REED Louise Biela September 2007
REETZ Marchia Santangelo January 2022
REIL / RAIL Susan Reil Tyner January 2006
REDMOND Paula Bensley June 2004
REYNELL Tilghman Gray July 2003
REYNOLDS George C. Howe March 2002
RHODES Margaret Nelson January 2000
RICCI Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
RICE Paula Murray April 2003
RICE / REIS / RAJS Jim Friday December 2022
RICEBROOK Kenneth Kirby November 1998
RICHARD Donna Gardner Miller February 1998
RICHARDSON Sheila Wickman October 2005
RIEMER Andy & Holly Ricci February 2005
RIES K. Howard Gray Updated: February 2009
RINELLA Marlene Caredio May 2002
RINKER Dwight J. Shauger March 2000
ROBB Sandy November 2004
ROBBINS Ann Iverson October 2001
ROBERTS William R. Vaught November 1998
ROBINSON Bernard C. Alderson November 1997
ROBINSON Bill Beedon April 2000
ROBISON Frederick W. Robison July 2015
ROCKETT David Thas January 2003
RODWELL Linda Hackler July 2008
ROGERS Denise Frederick December 1998
ROGERS Carol Hannan March 2004
ROLLINS Paul Wilson June 1998
ROLLINS Tomara Vanderbrook October 2004
ROMANSKI Matt Ballard June 2003
RONEY / ROONEY Don Campbell April 2001
ROOK Doug Murphy November 1997
ROOK Donna Ratcliff July 2005
ROOT Candace Carter-Green January 1999
ROOT Bonnie Downs March 2000
ROOT Colleen Ryan May 2011
RORABACK / ROREBECK Dave Rorabacher October 2006
ROSE James E. Rose March 1997
ROSE Debra Eddy March 1997
ROSE Tim McMahon October 1998
ROSE Bob Hales Updated: November 2011
ROSECRANTS Shirley Rosecrans January 2003
ROSENBROOK Scot Sabo August 2001
ROSS Denise Frederick January 1998
ROSS Diana Pratt February 2001
ROSS Eileen Humphrey February 2003
ROTH Carolyn Rustay October 1999
ROTH Margaret M. Liebert June 2000
ROWE Bonnie Williams May 1997
ROWE Ellen Clarke Maki July 2000
ROWLEY Kim Rowley February 1999
ROWLEY Lynda Galbiati February 2002
RUDD Doug Murphy November 1997
RUGER Dick VanAuker December 2002
RUGGLES William Kerry June 2001
RUHLMAN Lisa Tucker February 2005
RUMBLE Tammy Scheidweiler May 2001
RUMBLE R.James Flechsenhaar III May 2015
RUSSELL Paula Murray April 2003
RYAN Michael K. Ryan March 1997
RYAN Don Yaxley November 2002
RYAN Tom Kriz October 2005
RYAN Colleen Ryan May 2011

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